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The third “weird” hand which springs to mind is from the Reisinger last year (Board 20, Open room):
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What would you lead with the North hand?

Without the double I would choose between hearts and spades. I’d probably go with a spade as I have one less card in that suit and partner therefore is more likely to have spade length (and honours). With one more card in hearts it is also more likely that a second heart trick could be ruffed by declarer.

But after the double I would for sure lead a club. What else does partner’s Lightner double call for? By passing we would have around a 50 % shot of beating it, and by doubling he can get me to find the “impossible” club lead when that’s right. Bridge is such a logical game.

In a heartbeat Ron Schwartz led a heart to beat the contract by one trick, plus 200. A great result for the Schwartz team, and the Israelis saved half a point (Board-a-Match) as Brogeland-Lindqvist also overbid to 6 diamonds.

“What was your logic behind the heart lead, Ron?” “We have an agreement to lead hearts in these situations.” Wow! That’s news. And the next time when partner has the same holding (ace-king) in spades, would they change their agreement or would they come up with some other plausible explanation? (A more common agreement is to lead the higher ranked major suit when in doubt.)

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