The case against Fantoni-Nunes
The second stage of the cheating scandal is now underway. has posted an article with very convincing evidences of the wrongdoings by Fantoni-Nunes, the world’s top ranked players. We will not post evidences of this case at, but we will try to maintain links to articles on other sites.

Daily Mail: World’s top bridge duo are caught cheating
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes

Here are links to some of the content which has been published in the media around the world about the Fisher and Schwartz case:

Newsweek: Probably the most extensive article written about the whole case.

The Telegraph UK: International bridge champions accuse teammates of cheating
Daily Mail: Knaves in the pack?
The Times (only the first part available to non-subscribers): Top bridge players accused of cheating
Neapolitan Club, online Italian bridge magazine: Boye’s war
2014 Spingold Champs Offer to Vacate Titles
Larry Cohen’s suggestion on how to catch cheaters
Israeli Bridge Federation forms forms a committee to deal with the chating case
Ishmael Del’Monte looks into the maze of Fisher-Schwartz
Press release from Fisher-Schwartz
Ishmael Del’Monte reveals the cheating code (or rather one of the codes)
Videos added to Bridgecheaters web site
Kit Woolsey makes an indepth analysis based on video footage
Leslie Amoils pleads for Israel to do the right thing!
Life Ban Deserved? by JoAnna Stansby
Life Ban Deserved? Dean’s Rebuttal by Tomislav Gracin
Pandoras box explodes
Lorenzo Lauria and the Cayne team hold on to their Spingold title for the time being
The Norwegian Bridge Federation sends a letter to the EBL for them to look into the case
Fisher and Schwartz’ counterattack
Israel withdraws from the Bermuda Bowl

Norwegian media:
TV2 var tidlig på banen med en reportasje om jukseskandalen
Dagbladet med fyldig dekning av juksesaken og intervju med Boye Brogeland
Snorre Aalberg omtaler juksesaken på sin blogg hos Norsk Bridgeforbund
NRK Rogaland: Varsla om bridge-juks – bur på hemmeleg adresse
NRK Rogaland: Får million-krav etter bridge-varsling